Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thom Beers Fast Tracks Graphic Novel into First Feature

Thom Beers, best known for his television success with prime time mega hits "Ice Road Truckers", "The Deadliest Catch" and "Monster Garage" has sped into the fast lane by announcing active development of his first feature based on his soon to be released graphic novel "Chopper Zombie." Created by Beers, the "Chopper Zombie" movie is anticipated to go into production early spring 2009, and will be produced by Beers and Original Productions' President Philip Segal.

The graphic novel "Chopper Zombie" ( will be released at Comic-Con International next week (July 24-27, San Diego Convention Center, SDCC) by Devil's Due Publishing and was penned by Beers and Todd Livingston ("The Black Forest") with cover artist Scott Keating. According to the publisher, advance sales from major booksellers such as Barnes & Noble and have been brisk. Limited edition copies will be available at Comic-Con with "Chopper Zombie" landing in stores on July 30, 2008.

"Chopper Zombie" follows the fate of a Taz, a brilliant motorcycle builder who becomes the victim of his own success when he refuses to sell his formula for a new super-fuel to a dangerous corporation. When a team of thugs drowns him in his own toxic creation, he rises from the dead with a score to settle.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weinstein Books to Publish Larry King's Autobiography

Weinstein Books has acquired Larry King's definitive autobiography, WHAT AM I DOING HERE?, it was announced today by Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company and Judy Hottensen, Weinstein Books Publisher.

"I am delighted to be working with Bob and Harvey, who have distinguished themselves by making award-winning films and publishing quality books. Their books are some of the most talked-about and well-produced titles in the business, and I am thrilled to be one of their authors. My life story could not be in better hands," King said.

"This book will be absolutely devoured by Larry King's millions of fans," said Weinstein. "He is a true media icon -- one who's personal and professional journey to date is filled with delightfully evocative anecdotes and behind-the-scenes observations on some of our most important world figures. We are thrilled to have this definitive autobiography to add to our important roster of books."

From his humble roots in Depression-era Brooklyn where he was known as "Zeke The Greek The Mouthpiece" because he never stopped talking, to the heights of celebrity and host of CNN's Larry King Live, (which after 21 years is the longest running television show ever in the same time slot) WHAT AM I DOING HERE? is the never before told life story of one of our most beloved news and entertainment icons.

In addition to discussing personal details such as his early radio days, the painful loss of his father at age nine, his seven marriages to six different women, and discovering at age 65 that he had a fully grown son he never knew about, King will also speak candidly about his time spent with major political and cultural figures of the 20th and 21st century, many of them his close friends. Specifically, WHAT AM I DOING HERE? will reveal King's uncensored feelings towards George W. Bush and George Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. He promises to disclose who he voted for in each election and why, and what political figures have impressed and disappointed him, going so far as to share his pick for America's worst president. Larry will be assisted in the writing of his autobiography by Cal Fussman (After Jackie, Double or Nothing).

Hottensen acquired world publishing rights from David Vigliano at Vigliano Associates, in association with Michael Viner, President of Phoenix Books. WHAT AM I DOING HERE? will be published to coincide with Father's Day in 2009.

Grand Central Publishing Signs Book Deal With Mitch Joel

Business Plus, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group USA), will publish Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel, President of the award-winning Digital Marketing agency, Twist Image.

Six Pixels of Separation will teach entrepreneurs and individuals how to have a global audience and consumer base in a world where we're all connected (almost all of them free). The book will focus on how technology is empowering individuals to build personal brands that will rival the biggest of corporate brands, and how all business owners can now leverage the global community to connect, share and grow. The book is named after Joel's very successful Blog and Podcast by the same name.

The book deal includes world rights and was awarded on exclusive submission to Rick Wolff at Grand Central Publishing by James Levine of Levine Greenberg Literary Agency.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

ETC Press, a new academic publishing inprint, the premier marketplace for digital content on the Internet, is partnering with the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to showcase new creative endeavors launched through the ETC Press, a new academic publishing imprint. With, ETC Press has flexibility in publishing without the limitations encountered by traditional publishing.

ETC Press is an innovative experiment into the future of publication, and as such, authors and contributors who publish through ETC Press will retain ownership of their intellectual property. All ETC Press publications will be released under a Creative Commons license, and will also have associated websites to encourage and enable a community of collaborative authorship and discussion. ETC Press also has an agreement with the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) to place ETC Press publications in the ACM Digital Library.

"ETC doesn't just want to make a book. They want to open a dialog," says Rob Katz, Senior Vice President of Sales and Communications. "And with the options Lulu offers, like print-on-demand technology, texts available in print and download format, and multi-platform accessibility, ETC can accomplish just that."

ETC will be able to take advantage of Lulu's global marketing resources and network of international printers to foster discussions that span the world. "We believe this is the future of publication," says Drew Davidson, Director of the ETC in Pittsburgh and Editor of ETC Press. "Partnering with enables ETC Press to publish across multiple media and publish multiple additions, exploring what constitutes reading and writing."

Lulu and ETC Press are having a beta launch with two books -- stories in between: narratives and mediums @ play and Beyond Fun: Serious Games and Media -- and there are several other projects in development as well. For more information, visit:

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Harper’s Magazine Editor Ann Barr Joins has appointed Ann Barr as Editor Emeritus and Writer for its lifestyle website. The former Harper's & Queen Deputy Editor's first article, entitled Polo's Ghost Lawns, is part of the website's celebration of the Polo Season.

Her arrival also marks the revival of "Barometer", a fortnightly round up of society, fashion, arts, politics and events. Originally created by Barr for the pages of Harpers and Queen Magazine, the updated version will be lead by her with contributions from experts and enthusiasts. It was this editorial approach of "many contributors" that lead to huge success of "The Sloane Ranger Handbook" which Barr was behind.