Sunday, June 17, 2007

Steven Hawking to Publish His First Book for Children

Professor Steven Hawking, author of the multi-million copy bestselling A Brief History of Time, in partnership with his daughter Lucy Hawking will explain the universe to all ages in a new middle-grade novel entitled GEORGE'S SECRET KEY TO THE UNIVERSE. The undisputed expert on the universe explores new territory as he brings intricate scientific knowledge to a younger audience. Energetic illustrations rendered by Garry Parsons add humor, interest and clarity to the sophisticated information. Acquired for Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers through agent Eric Simonoff of the Jankow & Nesbit Agency in conjunction with lead agent Tif Loehnis in their UK office, the book is set to be published in Fall 2007. The translation rights have already been sold to 24 countries.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Writer's Group Sells First Book to ABC Books

wRiters On the Rise, an Australian writer's group, has sold a seven-part children's book series, entitled, The Lost Shimmaron, to ABC Books.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

USA TODAY Extends Brand to Books

USA TODAY has signed licenses with six U.S. book publishers to extend the USA TODAY brand to include books. Presenting a variety of subjects, the books will be branded "USA TODAY" and feature graphics and content from USA TODAY.

The book publishing initiative adds another brand extension to USA TODAY which celebrates its 25th anniversary in September. Over the last 25 years, USA TODAY has expanded into the Internet, magazines, mobile, and television programming.

Hyperion Announces Two Book Deal With Amy Dickinson

Hyperion today announced a two book deal with Amy Dickinson. The first book, a memoir, is to be entitled THE MIGHTY QUEENS OF FREEVILLE: A Mother, A Daughter and the People Who Raised Them. The second book is as yet untitled.

Amy Dickinson writes the "Ask Amy" column for the Chicago Tribune which is syndicated to over 200 newspapers, reaching more than 22 million readers. She also hosts a bi-weekly feature "Ask Amy" on NPR's Talk of the Nation that reaches 3 million listeners. In addition to being a featured panelist on NPR's popular game show "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me," Dickinson also appears regularly on the Today show and other programs.

Hyperion president Bob Miller negotiated the deal with Elyse Cheney of Elyse Cheney Literary Associates. Executive editor Gretchen Young will edit the book. Hyperion retains North American, first serial, audio, and e-book rights.