Monday, June 29, 2009

Encinitas Writer and Airline Pilot Flying High With Wings and a Keyboard

Less than a year after garnering top honors in the global L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest for new science fiction and fantasy writers, Encinitas resident and writer David Parish-Whittaker has sold story rights to Aberrant for its high-profile, miniatures science fiction game "Rezolution."

Parish-Whittaker was first professionally published in 2008 as part of the L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers and Illustrators of the Future Vol. 24 anthology (Galaxy Press, 2008) for his story A Warbird in the Belly of the Mouse.

In addition to his first professional publication and a contest cash award last year, David also took part in a week-long workshop sponsored by the Contest and led by members of the jury panel of award-winning and best-selling writers.

The part-time writer and full-time airline pilot is currently shopping a young adult Victorian fantasy and revising a "Wodehousian steampunk novel."

"David has used last year's Contest experience and put it to work for him," said Contest Director Joni Labaqui. "The reason that Mr. Hubbard started the contest in 1983 was to give unrecognized talent like David a better chance to make it in publishing."

Other past winners of the Writers of the Future Contest have had over 500 novels, 1,400 short stories, and selling an impressive 31,000,000 books. The Contest was begun by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983 shortly after returning to the field of science fiction with his bestseller Battlefield Earth.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

HBO Acquires TV Rights to Boardwalk Empire

HBO has exercised its option to purchase the TV rights to the book Boardwalk Empire. Written by Nelson Johnson and published by Plexus Publishing, Inc., Boardwalk Empire chronicles the politics and corruption of Atlantic City from its birth as a quiet seaside health resort through the notorious backroom politics and power struggles.

HBO has recently begun filming the pilot for Boardwalk Empire, which is being directed by Martin Scorsese. In addition, Scorsese is an executive producer on the series along with Terence Winter, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, and Tim Van Patten.

Plexus Publishing has also announced a new trade paperback edition of Boardwalk Empire to be released in fall 2009. The book will be distributed to the trade by Independent Publisher's Group (IPG). The purchase of the TV/Film rights by HBO for Boardwalk Empire marks the first time that Plexus has sold those rights for one of its titles.

About Plexus Publishing. Inc.
Incorporated in 1977, Plexus Publishing, Inc. is located in Medford, New Jersey. In addition to being a regional publisher, Plexus also publishes titles in the field of biology and ecology. Plexus' book list extends from technical-scientific works to histories, folklore, and novels. Additional information about Plexus is available at, and more information about Boardwalk Empire is available at

Medford Press is an imprint of Plexus Publishing, Inc. All books published under the Medford Press imprint are available to bookstores through Chicago-based trade distributor Independent Publishers Group (IPG).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cerulean's John Avellanet Signs Book Contract with Logos Press

Cerulean's managing director, John Avellanet, has signed a contract with Logos Press to write a book covering the compliance and quality systems landscape over the next decade, including the compliance strategies required for new drug and device development and approval in the era of personalized medicines.

Based in part on Mr. Avellanet's April talk at the NIH on the future of the biopharmaceutical landscape, and his SmarterCompliance newsletter series on personalized medicine and the role of regulatory compliance, the book provides a strategic review of the compliance and quality systems best practices required for marketplace success over the next decade for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device firms.

The book is sub-divided into three parts: a review of today's landscape, an analyses of the key challenges likely to dominate over the next ten years, and then a step-by-step strategy covering:

• Faster product innovation and development

• Medicinal safety and efficacy by design

• Cost-effective, lean quality systems

• Flexible, regulatory compliance programs

As part of the book's practical, "how to" mindset, readers will be able to access bonus materials, downloads, and supplemental information online through a dedicated book website.

Subscribers to Mr. Avellanet's monthly newsletter, SmarterCompliance, will be able to access pre-publication materials and downloads as part of the lead-in to publication.

John Avellanet is the author of more than 100 articles, is the compliance columnist for several international industry journals, and is a former C-level biotech and medical device executive for a Fortune 50 subsidiary. As the co-founder of the private compliance advisory firm, Cerulean Associates LLC, he publishes the monthly executive newsletter, SmarterCompliance™. He is a frequent speaker at corporate workshops, industry conferences, and meets regularly with regulatory officials. Learn more about Mr. Avellanet on his blog,, or through his company's website:

Friday, June 05, 2009

A New Imprint Supporting Christian Self-Publishers

Innovo Publishing, LLC has expanded its audio book division and capabilities with the release of Innovo Audio--a new Innovo Publishing imprint that provides Christian & wholesome self publishers and ministries with the ability to create and globally market professionally narrated and mixed audio books, audio chapters and audio excerpts. Innovo Audio is supported by an acclaimed VoiceBank team comprised of award winning voice professionals, each of whom was handpicked for his/her outstanding professional experience and dedication to the mission of Innovo Audio to get the Word out for Christian authors and ministries.

Innovo Audio provides unique and affordable access to the global audio book market for Christian & wholesome self publishers and ministries. With Innovo Audio, new and established authors and Christian ministries can affordably extend their title’s reach beyond the hardback and paperback markets to the expanding global audio book segments.

Innovo Audio allows self publishers and ministries to personally select their preferred voice talent by listening to excerpts from Innovo’s VoiceBank team ( Self publishers and ministries may choose to have their Innovo Audio titles available for purchase and immediate download or physically shipped on Audio CD or MP3 CD. All Innovo Audio titles are compatible with the latest phones, PCs and MP3 players.

In addition to complete audio books services, Innovo Audio offers Christian self publishers and ministries an affordable, high quality and fast process for creating audio excerpts and audio chapters--which can easily be used for advertising and marketing on the author's or ministry's web sites, blogs, and social media sites like Facebook, MySpace or YouTube.