Friday, June 05, 2009

A New Imprint Supporting Christian Self-Publishers

Innovo Publishing, LLC has expanded its audio book division and capabilities with the release of Innovo Audio--a new Innovo Publishing imprint that provides Christian & wholesome self publishers and ministries with the ability to create and globally market professionally narrated and mixed audio books, audio chapters and audio excerpts. Innovo Audio is supported by an acclaimed VoiceBank team comprised of award winning voice professionals, each of whom was handpicked for his/her outstanding professional experience and dedication to the mission of Innovo Audio to get the Word out for Christian authors and ministries.

Innovo Audio provides unique and affordable access to the global audio book market for Christian & wholesome self publishers and ministries. With Innovo Audio, new and established authors and Christian ministries can affordably extend their title’s reach beyond the hardback and paperback markets to the expanding global audio book segments.

Innovo Audio allows self publishers and ministries to personally select their preferred voice talent by listening to excerpts from Innovo’s VoiceBank team ( Self publishers and ministries may choose to have their Innovo Audio titles available for purchase and immediate download or physically shipped on Audio CD or MP3 CD. All Innovo Audio titles are compatible with the latest phones, PCs and MP3 players.

In addition to complete audio books services, Innovo Audio offers Christian self publishers and ministries an affordable, high quality and fast process for creating audio excerpts and audio chapters--which can easily be used for advertising and marketing on the author's or ministry's web sites, blogs, and social media sites like Facebook, MySpace or YouTube.