Sunday, February 04, 2007

New English Author Gets Signed by CAA

The LA based Creative Artists Agency, is acting as agent for English author Jasper Cooper to deal with inquiries for film rights. Jasper's first book, Candara's Gift, which became an Amazon No.1 bestseller following its launch in June 2006, is now attracting significant interest as potential for a major film. The enthusiastic Hollywood interest in turning the fantasy book into a film has delighted Jasper.

Jasper Cooper's first book Candara's Gift has already made the first strides towards becoming a world-wide success. Jasper is in contact with many publishers around the world who have shown a positive interest in publishing the trilogy in their countries. He has already secured a contract with a Turkish publisher. In the UK Candara's Gift continues to sell well in Waterstones bookstores throughout the country. These developments are remarkable for a self published book which has had very little promotion since its online beginnings at Amazon. However Jasper is now looking for the right UK publisher to take on the Kingdom of Gems trilogy so that he can concentrate fully on his writing.