Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Michael Parness' New Retirement Book Sold to St. Martin's Press

Venture Literary, a literary management company, has sold the world rights of Michael Parness' new book, "Rule Your Freakin' Retirement," to St. Martin's Press. Parness is CEO of Trendfund Corp., one of the world's leading online trend-based advisory services for individual investors.

Investment and trading guru Parness' brand-name series follows in the footsteps of his earlier guidebook, "Rule the Freakin' Markets," which was an International Best Seller. This new book uses the same style that made "Rule the Freakin' Markets" such a hit, but branches off to cover an even bigger area of economic interest -- retirement.

To be in bookstores in early 2008, "Rule Your Freakin' Retirement" will present the material in a visually appealing manner and includes important tips such as "Waxie's Words to the Wise," "Getting a Grip," and "Time to Score!" Numerous charts illustrate key concepts in an accessible way and end-of-chapter exercises reinforce principles and techniques so the reader can prepare for a secure retirement.