Saturday, September 08, 2007

It Girl PR Signs Author Cindy Lu and Her Book THE FOUR MAN PLAN

"It" Girl PR has acquired author/actress Cindy Lu and her must-have-find-a-mate-manual THE FOUR MAN PLAN: A Romantic Science. Cindy Lu, finally sick of her love life being joke material, set forth to figure out "what is the deal with dating?" Her revelations are our good fortune since her discovery brought forth the scientific system to dating that is outlined in her book.

"It" Girl PR will launch "THE FOUR MAN PLAN" A Romantic Science, this summer and position it as the must-have- find-your-mate-manual. CEO of "It" Girl PR, Juliette Harris, says of the acquisition, "Cindy Lu is a true "itGirl" and we are looking forward to sharing her book with Hollywood's elite celebrities, singles and influencers. I think that women around the globe will benefit from her candid dating insights." "It" Girl will focus on a campaign that targets women of all ages to adjust their dating process to a more scientific and successful result.