Sunday, March 02, 2008

Zondervan Signs Agreement with Author Kate Gosselin

Zondervan, a world leader in Christian communications, has signed an exclusive agreement with Kate Gosselin to publish the amazing story of how she and her husband, Jon, survived the overwhelming odds and the emotional rollercoaster of birthing two sets of multiples, twins and sextuplets, in three years.

Multiple Blessings shares the gripping details of the couple's journey after learning they were expecting sextuplets, while raising twin toddlers. While strongly encouraged by doctors to consider selective reduction for the sake of both mother and babies, the couple believed each baby was a gift from God and accepted the challenge He was giving them. Kate also writes about the numerous challenges the couple faced, including the medical battle involved in carrying six babies to the critical 30-week mark, and the loss of Jon's job that forced the couple to rely on God completely. Overall, the book is an inspirational and moving account of how the Gosselins found everyday strength in spite of emotional, financial, social and physical exhaustion.

Multiple Blessings, which will be coauthored with Beth Carson, is expected to release nationwide as a hardcover in October 2008.