Sunday, September 14, 2008

Publisher Breaks Record with 2009 Releases

Art and crafting magazine publisher Stampington & Company becomes the highest title-producing publisher in the industry with its 2009 releases, generating a total of 31 titles that represent a broad range of art and crafting media. Included in the record-breaking list of titles are several new publications, which focus on a number of emerging trends, such as "green" crafting, art journaling, playful stuffed creatures (commonly known as "softies"), and art quilting.
Beginning with the January 2009 releases, Stampington & Company will launch eight new titles during 2009. Newly added titles include: Stuffed: A Gathering of Softies (semi-annual, launching on January 1st), Somerset Art Journaling (semi-annual, launching on January 1st), Somerset In Love (special, launching on January 1st), apronology (special, launching on February 1st), Somerset Apprentice (annual, launching on March 1st), Marie Antoinette (special, launching on April 1st), Art Quilting Studio (semi-annual, launching on June 1st), and GreenCraft Magazine (semi-annual, launching on September 1st).