Sunday, November 30, 2008

Juliet Johnson Signs with Haydenburri Lane

Juliet Johnson, author of the Mother's Day, 2008 release Somebody's Always Hungry, extends her universe as a motherhood blogger by signing today an agreement to pen a weekly blog on the website of Haydenburri Lane, a creative media company that specializes in solution-oriented entertainment focused on healthy habits and daily routines for children.

Launched in 2002 with the Bedtime Safari products, Haydenburri Lane has expanded its offering and vision to position itself as the childhood routine company. As part of that growth, in 2008 it launched the Rascals & Routines brand to establish Haydenburri Lane as "The Healthy Habits Place." Commencing with a distribution arrangement through Nordstrom stores, Haydenburri Lane's children's slippers, books and stuffed animals are a growing fixture in department stores, bookstores and gift shops throughout the world.

Juliet Johnson's blog for Haydenburri Lane is available at

Ms. Johnson has experienced a very busy 2008. Already a popular motherhood blogger coming into the year, she began the New Year by establishing her own literary blogsite for adults (short stories, essays, reflections on life, humor). Her motherhood book Somebody's Always Hungry was released in May to glowing reviews and worldwide attention. "Cleverly disguised as a collection of anecdotes by a harried new mother who might be just like someone you know, the book is a lighthearted but gutsy meditation on time, mortality and surrender," said Imperfect Parent in its May 4th review. The book was featured in Foreword Magazine's July / August edition as one of the seven best motherhood books of the year: "...a great gift for a smart woman who suddenly finds that most of her conversations and activities revolve around providing food for ungrateful little people who make enormous messes."

Over that summer, leading home improvement maven Don Vandervort ( read a copy of Johnson's book that had been given to his daughter-in-law after the birth of his grandchild and asked Ms. Johnson if she would be interested in blogging for his site. Thus, the popular blog Mom About the House was born in September. (

Similarly, Haydenburri Lane founder and president Hilary Hayden Burri recognized a kindred spirit when she read the stories in Ms. Johnson's book. She believed that a Johnson blog would be an asset on her website. Called Safari Mom, it launches this week.

The book's website can be accessed at Ms. Johnson's two (funny and poignant) personal blogsites can be linked from there.

Juliet Johnson's plays have been produced at Mobtown Players, SoHo Repertory, The Samuel French One-Act Play Festival, and Coffeehouse Theater, among others. Her non-fiction has been published in Los Angeles Family, Mamazine, MOMbo and The Imperfect Parent, as well as in three anthologies.

An NYU grad, she grew up traipsing around the back lot of Universal Studios with her brothers while her dad made television shows. "Working on movies and T.V. made me think that dreams were possible, and that you could get paid a lot of money for standing around in your shorts." She currently lives on the outskirts of L.A. with her husband, her muses (Nathan, Emma and baby Lilly), her surfing stepson (sometimes) and Gramma Moose.

Somebody's Always Hungry is published by Nell Books, an imprint of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing. It is distributed by Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor. (hard cover: ISBN #9781932279924, paperback: ISBN# 9781932279870)