Sunday, February 15, 2009

Graphic Novel Publisher Releases New Paperback Line

Indulge yourself in a new way to enjoy romance stories: graphic romance paperbacks. Long the leader in online romance graphic novels, MyRomanceStory is launching a new line of paperback graphic novels slated to be in select stores and available online at

MyRomanceStory's graphic novels combine the storytelling of romance fiction -- a fiction category that generated $1.375 billion in sales in 2007 according to Romance Writers of America -- with the visual format of graphic novels -- a category that grew by 5% in 2008 according to a CBR News recent report.

Each month Arrow will release two new volumes in English and Spanish each containing two novels. The first two volumes feature stories illustrated by such top Latin illustrators as Italo Ahumada and Enzo Pertile, and popular MyRomanceStory authors such as Maryan Gibson. Along with his comic and graphic novel work, Pertile does drawings for editorial pages, and cartoons for the Ultima Hora newspaper in Asuncion, Paraguay. For the past four years, Chilean architect Ahumada has worked exclusively as an illustrator in the comic and graphic novel field. Gibson's graphic novel writing includes Whitewater Rapture, Good Husband Material and The Substitute Wife. In addition to her work as a writer, Gibson worked for many years as an editor for Harlequin Enterprises Limited.