Monday, September 28, 2009

Byker Books Moves Into Full Length Crime Fiction With Danny King

Byker Books are pleased to announce that they have signed the latest novel from the hugely popular Danny King. 'More Burglar Diaries' Follows on from the critically acclaimed 'The Burglar Diaries' and is based on the BBC comedy series Thieves Like Us. Narrator Bex takes us on another tour of Tatley's rooftops and drainpipes, and through lock-ups, cock-ups and jobs as he recounts More Burglar Diaries. Featuring a full novelisation of all six episodes of the show, plus an all new and final adventure for literature's least favourite burglars.

With a release date in November '09 'More Burglar Diaries' is sure to be on everyone's Christmas wish list.

Also, Danny is well known for his witty take on life and the good copy he always gives so if you wish to interview or do a feature on him then he'd be happy to oblige. Please contact Ed at Byker Books for further details.