Monday, October 19, 2009

Benjamin Launches New E-Book Business Imprint

William A. Benjamin, founder of science publisher W. A. Benjamin, Inc. announced today the formation of TBG Publishing, LLC (TBG). The new e-book imprint will specialize initially in venture investment analysis and development books, directories, and databases for entrepreneurs and venture investors that are delivered from their website,

Citing the increased interest and demand for venture industry information and instruction being delivered electronically to the investor's desktop, Benjamin explained that his new firm will capitalize on its founder's 40 years of venture development experience including nine startups, most of which were acquired by larger companies including McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and Thomson.

Benjamin said, "The new online paradigm in content aggregation and delivery is now being focused into - and delivered by - more formal, organized channels, which was the missing ingredient. We have designed a new online publishing model to fit this low-cost marketing opportunity, and intend to pursue aggressively one or two vertical markets where constant updating and resource referencing is crucial to the user." He added that "The mission of the new TBG imprint is to provide, via the internet, business model development data and expert instruction to entrepreneurs and investors that will improve the dismal rate of success for venture startups, which is now less than 40 percent."

TBG's first title, "SUCCESSFUL STARTUPS: An Essential Guide to Business Venture Analysis and Development," will be released October 1 and is considered a gateway publication and introduction to the more specialized series of e-books to follow. Benjamin indicated that his firm is in negotiations with several online distributors to deliver this first title over the internet and via an electronic reader. Print copies are also being stocked by Amazon, Google and the established chain of retail and wholesale distributors.