Monday, January 25, 2010

Rodale to Publish Book by Actor & Oceans Activist, Ted Danson

Rodale Books is proud to announce the acquisition of Ted Danson's forthcoming book, which will be a celebratory and cautionary look at the world's oceans.

Best known for his character Sam Malone on the era-defining Cheers and more recently for his roles in HBO's critically acclaimed new series "Bored to Death," and FX's "Damages," Danson has also been a long-time crusader on behalf of marine issues. Having grown up with an archeologist father around the Hopi and Navajo communities of Flagstaff, Arizona, Danson never expected that he'd become an advocate on behalf of the earth's oceans. It wasn't until 1987, while walking along the California coastline with his daughter and seeing a "Beach Closed" sign, that the issue really hit home. Danson was saddened to find himself having to explain that pollution was responsible for the closing of the beach. Since then, he's made it his mission to ensure that those conversations don't continue to happen.

Written with award-winning journalist Mike D'Orso, Danson's book represents a culmination of more than two decades of study, activism, and teaching and will provide a decisive, inspiring, and hopeful look at one of the most important environmental concerns of our time. Danson's access to leading scientists, fishermen, politicians and others on the forefront of this issue—along with his unique vantage point—will make for a lively, informative, and highly original look at the state of our planet's biggest and most vital natural resource. Danson is a founder of the influential non-profit American Oceans Campaign; serves on the board of Oceana (AOC merged with Oceana, the world's largest non-profit devoted to marine issues, in 2001); has testified before Congress and Senate on the subject; narrated the 2009 documentary The End of the Line (the first major feature documentary film to reveal the impact of over-fishing our oceans); and lectures regularly and widely on the topic.