Sunday, April 25, 2010

Authentic, Paternoster Imprints Transition to Biblica Publishing

Biblica, Inc. announces it is launching its refocused publishing ministry as Biblica Publishing. To clarify ministry and market purpose and refocus its publishing ministry, Biblica has folded its Authentic and Paternoster imprints into the Biblica Publishing division.

"We're thrilled to have this opportunity to refocus our publishing efforts for 21st century worldwide Christian readers," said Scott Bolinder, Biblica's President of Global Publishing. "This transition gives us a unique opportunity to reach the global Church with Bibles and biblical resources that challenge people to engage more deeply in God's Word for the purpose of transforming lives one person at a time."

Biblica Publishing will be central to the ministry of each of our areas throughout the world. Globally, we will focus our portfolio in the categories of Bible studies, spiritual formation, church leadership and ministry resources, popular reference, world mission, evangelism, biblical reconciliation, and practical theology. However, local areas will have some liberty to customize their lists based on their regional needs. Content will be published in print and electronic formats and will be available through multiple channels, including retail, churches, ministries, and consumers.

In North America, Biblica Book Publisher, Volney James remarked, "As Biblica Publishing, we will support our mission by publishing low-cost, outreach Bibles as well as books and content for the global community, missional in focus, transformational in intent, to help people fulfill their Kingdom calling. Our target audience around the world is the reader who desires to understand the Bible and how it relates to all of life." Biblica Bible Publisher Glenn Paauw added, "We are excited about the potential to engage Bible readers in fresh ways both with innovative resources and creative programs."

Later this year, Biblica Publishing will release the 2010 edition of Operation World, one of the most definitive compilations of information on world missions and global prayer. "This book really defines who Biblica is as a publisher," said Bolinder. "Like no other publication in existence, Operation World educates readers on the conditions that exist in every nation on earth, but it also encourages them to be an active, dynamic participant in praying for and reaching people globally." More than 4 million copies of Operation World have been used in multiple languages since it was originally published in the mid 1970s.