Sunday, July 04, 2010

MTP Gets 'Graphic' With Publishing for Feature Film Rights

Mike the Pike Productions finalized a deal today with Ryan Colucci's Spoke Lane Entertainment to produce and publish a slate of no less than three complete graphic novels. The companies have agreed to place this partnership in a newly borne entity, SpokeFish, Inc. owned 50/50 by Mike the Pike Productions and Spoke Lane Entertainment.

SpokeFish will launch with three (3) novels hand selected by MTP and SL from Spoke Lane Entertainment's current offerings. The deal entitles Mike the Pike Productions to act as Executive Producer on the project with a Producer's Fee and 50% of the books' profits. As well, per the Agreement, Mike the Pike Productions will be entitled to 15% of Gross Film Rights Proceeds for any such adaptation. If any project on the slate is produced independently as a film, partners agree to negotiate mutually agreed terms for considerations to each party herein accordingly. The team plans to ensure that each novel is marketed for film rights sales or independent production.

Colucci, a producer on Mike the Pike's adaptation of George R.R. Martin's 'The Skin Trade,' is no stranger to graphic novels, nor to selling projects to Hollywood as evidenced by his screenplay, 'Lobo,' a werewolf action thriller set in Brazil with John Stockwell ('Blue Crush,' 'Turistas,' 'Into the Blue') set to direct; and 'Harbor Moon' ( to be launched at this year's Comic-Con ( with a release by Arcana Studios ( in August.

Details about the three books under this banner are forthcoming en tandem with the strategic launch of the SpokeFish website with links to Spoke Lane, MTP and each individual project under the SpokeFish banner. "We'll announce each book individually and release them online with continual updates on production all the while so as to keep fans and shareholders on the pulse of every phase of this exciting addition to the MTP universe," concludes Newbauer.