Sunday, October 10, 2010

Movie interest in debut novel thanks to iTunes

Mr Loaded's author, Kiaron Finnegan, didn't follow the traditional route of looking for an agent once his manuscript was finished. Instead he found a developer and eBook publisher (Andrews UK) who published it as an eBook across multiple formats and an App in return for a share of the profits. It was available on a range of platforms within three weeks including Apple's iBookstore and as a 'book App' in its own right.

Finnegan thinks that new breed of developers and publishers gives hope to new authors who might not otherwise have any."No matter how good your work may be, finding an agent or publisher willing to take you on is as rare as hen's teeth. Because of the latest mobile platforms and the wide range of e-book retailers out there, publishers have less cost exposure meaning they can be braver than traditional print publishers."

Now a movie production company have expressed an interest in purchasing the film rights of the book. The producer had seen the App on the iTunes store, but Finnegan's not going to hand the rights over straight away. "Of course I'd love to see the story on screen but I don't want to release the rights just for the film to sit in development for three years. That would be a bit hard to take after all the work I've put in."

The experience has left Finnegan in no doubt of his next move. "Although I still don't have a publisher for the physical book nor even an agent, I will definitely look to do the same again for my second novel."

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