Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exclusive Distribution Deal With Author of Controversial New Bon Jovi Book

Global Media Online, Inc. has signed an exclusive, one year distribution deal with Ritchie Bozzett, Author of "Sex, Drugs, and Bon Jovi," a tell all book about his life as the former road manager for the international sensation, the rock band Bon Jovi.

The agreement grants Global the exclusive third party rights as the "online retailer" of the book. The book will be offered to the public exclusively by Global Media Online, Inc. on, and various online retail outlets. Recently the book has appeared in The NY Post, LA Times, The Daily News and several other large newspaper publications, due to the eye opening antics of the band, its front man Jon Bon Jovi, as well as revelations about bandmate Ritchie Sambora's role in Jon Bon Jovi's marriage issues.

"Sure, it's filled with sex, drugs, and crazy antics, but the real underlying story reveals the man behind the stage, his exploits and experiences on this fantastic rise to fame and how the large record companies left him out in the cold once the band reached its success," said company CEO Raymond Barton. "The book is simply captivating, and with the growing popularity and media exposure, I expect it to be a tremendous success for Mr. Bozzett and for Global. This endeavor also creates new opportunities for Global to expand into publishing and order fulfillment along with the online retail."