Thursday, June 09, 2011

Brighton Publishing acquires "Jest" manuscript from author David Warren

Brighton Publishing announced the signing of author David Warren for his new book "Jest."

Writing in a style reminiscent of the early Stephen King masterpieces, David Warren establishes his own unique voice and striking originality, giving Mr. King a worthy competitor. As the story builds, it takes a number of sharp turns, heading off in unexpected and fearsome directions. Providing old-fashioned page turning suspense, and concluding with a totally unexpected ending, it doles out fear in ample portions.

The story is about Nicole Carzon who is an average, young college student, trying to cope with everyday life and an alcoholic father. Her life has not been easy since her mother left; in reality, it was the source of the problem. Nevertheless, everything changed the day she received the letter. Her grandfather, having been estranged with his own son for years, shocks everyone when he bypasses her father and names Nicole as heir to his castle in England.

With an angry father and the summer off, Nicole and her friends decide now is the perfect time to fly overseas and visit the castle. Once they arrive, they are overwhelmed with the history and nostalgia pulsating from the 600-year-old Bodlum Castle. However, as Nicole and her friends soon come to realize, this castle has an ancient occupant. One that has been lying dormant and patiently waiting for hundreds of years…but waits no longer.