Friday, October 27, 2006

Hyperion to Publish a New Book With Michael J. Fox

Hyperion plans to publish a new book about optimism by Michael J. Fox to be entitled ALWAYS LOOKING UP. The book is scheduled for publication in fall, 2008.

Filled with honesty and humor, ALWAYS LOOKING UP will address important questions such as: Is an optimistic nature something we are born with, is it genetic? Is it environmental, chemical, spiritual? Are optimism and faith the same thing? Fox will begin with the individuals who inspired him with their courage and spirit, and will seek out the most influential optimists (and pessimists) in the worlds of philosophy, art, science, literature, politics, and popular culture, past and present. He will weave all of his findings, experiences and adventures into a highly personal narrative, similar in tone and style to LUCKY MAN.

Hyperion president Bob Miller negotiated the deal with Amanda Urban of ICM. Executive editor Leslie Wells will be the editor for the book. Hyperion retains audio and world rights.