Sunday, March 11, 2007

HarperCollins Publishers Signs Jenna Bush for Book Deal

HarperCollins Publishers today announced that it has acquired world rights to ANA'S STORY: A JOURNEY OF HOPE by Jenna Bush. The young-adult, narrative non-fiction project will be based on her experiences working with UNICEF in Central America, and will focus on the story of a seventeen-year-old single mother who was orphaned at a young age and is living with HIV. The book will have color photographs throughout by photographer Mia Baxter, who accompanied Bush in Central America.

Since Fall 2006, Bush has been an intern for UNICEF's Educational Policy department at its regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean. Throughout her internship, she has traveled to Argentina, Paraguay and Panama, creating photo diaries of the life stories and personal narratives of children and adolescents. Currently she teaches at a shelter in Panama several days a week.

The deal was negotiated by Kate Jackson, SVP/Associate Publisher, Editor- in-Chief of HarperCollins Children's Books with Washington D.C. attorney Robert B. Barnett. The book is scheduled for publication in Fall 2007.