Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hyperion to Publish New Book By George Stephanopoulos and Todd Brewster

Hyperion plans to publish a new book by George Stephanopoulos and Todd Brewster. THE PERFECT PRESIDENT will be published in the spring of 2008, just as the presidential election season enters its stride.

In this brief, provocative, and incisive book, the authors examine the often surprising characteristics that have contributed to presidential greatness over the course of American history. When choosing a president should we look for the characteristics we value in ourselves, and others, or does history demonstrate that a mixture of darkness and light may be required to take command of our only national elective office? Using examples from the rich trove of the presidential story, THE PERFECT PRESIDENT seeks to answer that question.

The announcement of the new book was made by Robert S. Miller, president of Hyperion. Miller negotiated the deal with Esther Newberg of ICM. The editor for the book will be executive editor Gretchen Young. Hyperion retains North American and audio rights.