Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sales Gravy Press Signs Best-Selling Author Paul McCord

Author and internationally recognized sales trainer Paul McCord has signed with Sales Gravy Press to publish his newest book, a follow-up work to his best-selling book on referrals, "Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals" (Wiley 2006). The new book leads the reader through specific application strategies of the groundbreaking referral generation process laid out in Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income.

"The initial book laid the groundwork for a disciplined, predictable, effective process for generating a large number of high quality referrals from each client," McCord said, "and now I show salespeople how to apply those principles to specific situations. The first book demonstrated why the training they received hasn't worked and walked them through a process that not only generates referrals, but generates a large number of high quality referrals. The new book goes even further and shows salespeople how to mine their database, turn cold calls into referred calls, and how to make giving referrals so easy they can generate 10, 15, 20 or more quality referrals from every one of their clients."

With almost three decades under his belt as a salesperson, manager, business owner, and consultant, McCord's experience and knowledge is both wide and deep. And like most of us, his life's journey has taken some strange turns. "I thought I was going to be an academic, teaching Philosophy in a university," he admits. "But as a doctoral student, it became clear that I didn't have the personality for the academic life. I was more attracted to the real than the theoretical. I left the program and went into sales -- and what's more real than selling? Now, almost thirty years later, I'm back where I started--teaching, combining my love of working with and training salespeople and managers with the hard lessons I've learned over the years in the sales business."

"Getting Paul on board is a huge win for Sales Gravy Press," said Publisher, Jeb Blount. "Paul's large following and proven success as an author are cornerstones in our mission to build a foundation of the brightest authors, speakers, thought leaders, and experts in the sales profession. We are just ecstatic that Paul has joined the Sales Gravy family."

The new book will be released in the spring of 2009.