Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lighthouse Publishing and Best Selling Author Raymond Lumsden Agree to Contract Extension

Best selling and critically acclaimed author/screenwriter, Raymond Lumsden has agreed to a multi-book contract extension with publishing giant Lighthouse Publishing. Mr. Lumsden achieved publishing notoriety with his first release, titled "Stronger by the Day", which has sold nearly 4 million copies to date, and has received numerous awards and recognitions. Mr. Lumsden's second book, titled "Stronger than Ever", is scheduled for release in 2009, and is already receiving rave reviews from both critics and professionals within the publishing industry.

The new contract extension guarantees publication from Mr. Lumsden's next three books and keeps them under contract until 2012. The financial aspects of the contract extension are not entirely known at this time, however are believed to guarantee Mr. Lumsden nearly $3 million in signing compensation, as well as a larger share of future book profits. The contract extension also empowers Mr. Lumsden with greater editing and publishing authority.

Mr. Lumsden is expected to begin movie production on the self written screenplay for his first book of the same title, "Stronger by the Day", in Feb. of 2010. It is not yet known whether the contract extension delegates future screenplay or film rights.

Mr. Lumsden is currently busy writing his third book, which tackles the issues and obscurities of the United States Prison Labor System. Representatives for Mr. Lumsden are currently in discussions with various production companies in an attempt to negotiate a documentary film based on these issues. Among his many accolades and public achievements, Mr. Lumsden has received awards for Best Speaker/Most Inspirational. Mr. Lumsden has recently concluded the final development of his own Child Advocacy/Charity Foundation in Dallas, Texas. A foundation is scheduled to open March 1, 2010.