Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oxford University Press USA Joins PubEasy Book Ordering Service

PubEasy, the global inquiry and ordering service for the book industry, today announced that Oxford University Press in the U.S., which is affiliated with the largest scholarly press in the world, has joined the growing PubEasy community of booksellers and suppliers.

Founded in 1586, Oxford University Press (OUP) is the largest scholarly press in the world, with a network of divisions, branches and related companies around the globe, from Australia and New Zealand to South Africa, India, Japan, and the United States. OUP first opened an office in New York in 1896 and the publisher's titles have won 14 Pulitzer Prizes, in addition to many other major book awards and New York Times bestsellers.

As a new PubEasy member, joining its affiliate OUP, which is an existing member, Oxford University Press, Inc.'s (OUP USA's) catalog of more than 25,000 titles will now be available to retail booksellers for purposes of checking price and availability on various book titles, placing online orders, receiving email acknowledgments of new orders, and tracking the status of book orders.

OUP USA joins a growing number of academic publishers who are making their catalogs available on PubEasy, including McGraw-Hill, SAGE, Bedford, Freeman & Worth, and Chicago Distribution Services, which includes the University of Chicago Press among its 70 academic press distribution clients.