Sunday, June 27, 2010

Optioning Of 'Shadow Warrior' By Filmmaker Ryan Craig

Author Solutions, Inc. announced that the film rights to "Shadow Warrior: A Thriller" (AuthorHouse, 2005) by Dr. John Mayer have been optioned by filmmaker Ryan Craig to be adapted into a feature film. Craig, the writer and director of the recently released Lionsgate film "Small Town Saturday Night" discovered "Shadow Warrior" earlier this year.

"Mayer tells an emotionally complex story that examines the psychological turmoil of a fiercely independent American hero, torn between the covert operations of the CIA and a simpler way of life, while also exploring the themes of love, loss, honor, betrayal, and ultimately vengeance," Craig said. "I believe audiences are hungry for characters like John Stryker - he's a guy's guy with heart. It's stories like these that made me want to get into this business in the first place."

"Shadow Warrior" tells the story of John Stryker, a CIA agent given the assignment of taking the war on drugs to a new level by disrupting the drug business in the U.S. Based on actual cases from federal law enforcement files, Stryker employs high-tech and old-fashioned bravado in an attempt to destroy the illicit business of an American business magnate and drug money launderer, Jerry Roth. Along the way, Stryker develops a relationship with Roth's wife, whom he views as a way to get closer to Roth, but a genuine romance develops between them, fueled by erotic and passionate encounters.

Mayer hopes "Shadow Warrior" will join several other titles published by ASI, including "September Dawn" and "Legally Blonde," in realizing success on the silver screen. Author Solutions president and CEO Kevin Weiss said he believes opportunities like this will increase for indie authors as studios search new sources for quality content.

Ryan Craig is represented by manager Brian Sher at Category 5 Entertainment.