Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Odyssey Press Launches Self Publishing Press Division

Writers who want to have their books published have a new option, Self Publishing Press (www.SelfPublishingPress.com). The new company has been created as a division of Odyssey Press, which has a 22-year history of digitally printing books, journals and article reprints.

The new venture's aim is to provide a cost-effective way for authors to self publish their books, explained Kevin E. Pirkey, publisher of Self Publishing Press.

Pirkey, who has spent the last 25 years in the printing and publishing industry, said today's technologies enable authors to do for themselves that which took entire staffs just a few years ago.

"With Self Publishing Press' support, authors can match the services of large commercial publishers and publish their books the way the want," he said, "but with the quality and professionalism their creative works deserve. Just because they have never written a book before or don't have the name recognition of a Stephen King doesn't mean they shouldn't get the same access to readers and bookstores all over the country."

Pirkey explained he was motivated to begin Self Publishing Press by his love of books and publishing. "I love to share in and encourage the passion of a new author for their work and the subject that they are interested in," he said. "There is great satisfaction in seeing an author receive the first copy of their newly published work."

Self Publishing Press will offer its authors several publishing packages from which to choose. Writers can select services from its Gold Deluxe, Silver Premier or Bronze packages, which include editorial and marketing services. Also available is a Family Memories plan, which is designed for those publishing family genealogy books, cookbooks or similar works with limited distribution.

Additional copies always can be ordered from Self Publishing Press. The packages include an author Website to more easily allow for ordering reprint, and a variety of a la carte services also are available to our authors.

Joining Pirkey at Self Publishing Press is Teresa M. Melcher. She will help edit and serve as a guide for authors in the publishing process. Melcher has been writing and editing professionally for 26 years, including seven years as an editor of several newspapers in Ohio. Her mother introduced her to a love of reading and she's hooked.

"I love books. This is a great opportunity to help authors publish their books, to share their stories," she said. "I'm looking forward to reading a lot of great books and meeting interesting people along the way."